Classical Coaching AUSTRALIA offers passionate ballet students the opportunity to be trained and nurtured under very experienced staff. The school has an international reputation as a school that produces beautifully trained students who go on to have professional careers.

If your child shows passion for ballet and mime at a young age and wants to be inspired CLASSICAL COACHING AUSTRALIA (CCA) is for you. CCA focuses on the purity of ballet training starting from the age of 7 when the ballet foundations are laid, OUR AFTER-SCHOOL BALLET FOUNDATION PROGRAM is an ideal starting time. If you wish to pursue ballet why not learn from highly experienced teachers in an environment that inspires young students to reach their full potential.

Classical Coaching AUSTRALIA offers 3 distinct programs:

After School Ballet Foundation Program (from Age 7)
A part-time after school program ‘The Margot’ Program & ‘The Juliet’ Program

Gazelle Program (from approx. age 9)
A part-time program still out of school hours for students who want to take ballet to the next level.

Full-Time Program (from approx. age 13)
For dedicated students wishing to pursue a career in Ballet.
(By Audition)

School Registrations


Classical Staff:Janine McGrath, Jan Moore & Kate Sim
Guest Teachers:Daniel Gaudiello & Lana Jones